The deregulated energy market allows us to serve you in a variety of ways.

Bill Audit

We review your annual energy bills for accuracy. As utility companies can sometimes make billing errors, we make sure you’re being billed correctly and fairly. Our audit includes analyzing your properties’ water, sewer, natural gas, and electricity bills. If we find any errors, we will contact the city or county on your behalf and work tirelessly to get a refund for the overpaid amount in the most efficient manner possible.

Demand & Price Response

Here’s where our expertise really shines. Our job is to follow the daily market trends and provide you recommendations so that you can sign your electricity and utility contracts years in advance. Here is where we negotiate with suppliers on your behalf to find the best rates based on peak demand and pricing options. And who said long-term planning has to be difficult?

Contract Negotiation

We read the fine print in every utility contract and analyze every detail for you. This ensures you’re legally taken care of and that every aspect of your contract is what your business needs. The benefit of using Property Cost Solutions is that we are invested in the contracts you sign because we want to protect your interests and ensure you are getting the deals you should be. 

Energy Procurement

Energy procurement is the heart of what we do. We provide strategic planning on your electricity and natural gas purchases. Our seven step process includes:

    1. Review your unique energy needs
    2. Assess current market conditions for prices
    3. Review and score each supplier and products for your business needs
    4. Create a detailed pricing analysis
    5. Negotiate contract and pricing on your behalf
    6. Implement contract
    7. Manage your accounts through contract renewals

Sustainability & Energy Efficiency

Corporate responsibility practices are at the forefront of every business. At Property Cost Solutions, we value sustainability efforts and understand our partners may seek our expertise to invest in sustainable energy sources. Wind, solar, and hydro-electricity are all options that can help reduce one’s carbon footprint and support non-renewable sources. As your energy needs expand, we can discuss opportunities that can ultimately benefit you directly alongside helping be part of the change that is needed for our environment.

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